Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!!!

The kiddos were out of school last week for spring break - yay! I was thrilled that we were able to have some family time during the week. My hubby took off a few days and we had a whirlwind of activity. We started off at the McWane Center on Wednesday....

Logan digging for dinosaur bones
On Thursday we joined Logan's Cub Scout pack for a tour of the USS Alabama. . .

. . . where our boys spent the night, sleeping on bunks three-high that hung from chains!

And since we were so close, we couldn't resist spending a couple of nights at the beach.
On our way back home, Ben just couldn't resist stopping at the Explorium Science Center in Mobile. It has an exhibit called Dinosaurs Downtown, which consists of huge, animatronic dinos that move and roar. Logan is absolutely fascinated with dinosaurs right now, so we surprised him with this pit-stop.

He LOVED it!

This little stop put us behind on our trip home, but it was worth it! It was after bedtime when we finally rolled in, and we had to get back to the grind the next morning. I hate that it's over, but we sure had a good time!

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  1. My boys would have LOVED that! I wish we knew it was there when we drove thru back in June.