Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rusty metal + scrap wood = New table for me!

Rusty metal + scrap wood = 
New table for me!

Early last month, while visiting around blogland, I found the most fabulous table over at Flea Market Trixie.  Now I've always had a thing for junk, but since then I've been looking at metal junk in a whole new way - looking for things that I could breathe new life into for the house.  

While plundering around in my father-in-laws barn last week, I happened upon a rusty metal box thingy that my hubby drug home years ago. It has lived in the in-law's barn since we moved back to our hometown - about five years ago. Home with me it came! I had no clue what I would do with it, but I did know that it had potential.  I considered painting something on it and hanging it on the wall, and I thought about hanging it as a shelf, but I finally settled on using it as a table-top. Here's what I started with: 


When I told my hubby what I planned on doing, he thought I was plain goofy. I, however, thought it was a fabulous idea and was fully prepared to construct the table myself if I had to. Luckily, I didn't have to! 

My brother-in-law showed up about the time I was dragging in 4x4s from our barn. He seemed agreeable to helping, so I got out of the whole, measuring-drilling pilot holes-using electric screwdriver thing. I pretty much just told him what I wanted and handed him things as needed. Can't beat that, can you? (My hubby just shook his head at us & went to cook supper, since I was so excited about starting my project that I neglected to feed anyone.)

After just a little while, we had a table!


Then it was time to paint it.  First, I took the top off and cleaned it well, then sprayed on some clear sealer.
Since all the wood was recycled, I ran the mouse sander over it quickly to knock down any rough spots. I also rubbed some wax over the red paint so that it would show through when I distressed it. Then it was time for the paint. I had some good help!


It took two coats of paint to cover it well, and then I rubbed on some stain to darken it up and highlight the dents and dings. It really turned out brighter than I had intended, so I applied the stain twice, leaving it on longer the second time before I wiped over it. I sanded the edges a good bit, and also sanded it to expose some red paint. I then rubbed stain over the newly distressed areas to darken them up. After it dried for a couple of hours, I screwed the top back on and called it finished. 

My love, who thought this was a silly idea, still says he has no opinion on my table, but I love it!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!!!

The kiddos were out of school last week for spring break - yay! I was thrilled that we were able to have some family time during the week. My hubby took off a few days and we had a whirlwind of activity. We started off at the McWane Center on Wednesday....

Logan digging for dinosaur bones
On Thursday we joined Logan's Cub Scout pack for a tour of the USS Alabama. . .

. . . where our boys spent the night, sleeping on bunks three-high that hung from chains!

And since we were so close, we couldn't resist spending a couple of nights at the beach.
On our way back home, Ben just couldn't resist stopping at the Explorium Science Center in Mobile. It has an exhibit called Dinosaurs Downtown, which consists of huge, animatronic dinos that move and roar. Logan is absolutely fascinated with dinosaurs right now, so we surprised him with this pit-stop.

He LOVED it!

This little stop put us behind on our trip home, but it was worth it! It was after bedtime when we finally rolled in, and we had to get back to the grind the next morning. I hate that it's over, but we sure had a good time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Gettin' Ready for Spring!

I am sooo ready for Spring, but the weather here is not cooperating with me. Since I can't get outside and play, I've been trying to make it feel like spring in the house. Today's post is mostly a bunch of photos to show you what's new here.

I'm not entirely happy with how the mantle is arranged. I didn't intend on putting my burlap wreath up there, and I sure didn't intend on using that flimsy lavender ribbon on it, but it just kind of happened. I'll probably still do some tweaking here.

my grandmother's old plate

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My version of Ballard Pears

Remember this picture from last week? It's all the goodies I grabbed up at Hobby Lobby.

Those poor gray pears were just so drab, but a little craft paint turned that drab to fab!

First I brushed on green paint and quickly wiped it off with a paper towel so that a little of the wood would show through. I followed that up with some yellow, also wiped off and blended. A little brown on the stems and I was finished!

. . . or so I thought. After I looked at my new cuties a while, I decided that I couldn't live with them like they were. So out came my trusty whatever-I-found-in-the-garage stain. I slopped on some stain, let it soak in for just a minute, and then wiped them down good with a clean paper towel.

Much better! The stain toned down the color a lot and gave them more character. I'm very happy with how they turned out!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Krylon Ocean Breeze - Beauty in a Can!

Oh, how I love thee, Blue Ocean Breeze!

I am sooo loving this paint! I picked it up at Wally World one day, not quite sure that it was going to work. I was looking for something to paint a stool with, and I wanted it to kinda match this McCoy bowl that I have in the bathroom holding shells from our 10th anniversary cruise to Mexico.


The stool, a yardsale find from years ago, started out as red. Here she is after her new paint job.

After a quick rubdown with some stain to shabby her up, I was absolutely smitten!

Today I found a new project for my Blue Ocean Breeze - the tallest dodad in this picture.

I was right before painting this baby white when I thought about my Blue Ocean Breeze...

I  am loving how it turned out! After a few coats of paint, I rubbed on a little stain to give it character. The stain seemed to melt off the paint in a couple of spots, but that just adds to the aged look. So now I have to give my mantle a spring make-over! It's just sitting up there waiting for some fabulous friends. =)

If you haven't tried this paint, get you some!!! It's soooo beautiful, and it's spray nozzle is cool, too. (No, this is not a paid endorsement...although I'm not against the idea!)

As a side note, this whole blogging thing will turn you into a picture-taking maniac. I've always taken thousands of pictures of my kids,  but they're cute and wiggly. Tonight I took twenty pictures of that bowl of shells. Twenty! Trying to get THE picture. I've always been a wee bit crazy, but this just takes the cake. So here's one more!

This has got me dreaming of sand between my toes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday finds

I'm breaking out of my bloggy dry spell today to link up to Linda's very first Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party. You can join in the fun at Coastal Charm.

My favorite thrifty finds today came from Hobby Lobby. Here's what I found...


The pears were  only $1.20 each! I see paint in their future - something like the green one here...

The tall thingys were $4 and $8. These look like the perfect candidates for a gorgeous chippy paint technique that I saw blogged about, if I could only find it again! I'll probably take the easy way out & paint them then add some glazing. Either way, they have a lot of potential. My total came to $17....original price for all this would have been $78!! Yay for 80% off! And double yay for Hobby Lobby gift cards!!!

I made out pretty well at the thrift store, too.


The candlesticks, at $1.50 each, will be spray painted and added to my decorating stash. Like-new Levis for my hubby, a new pair of Liberty's for my little country boy ( he's six, and recently decided he liked his overalls when his little sister told him, "You look like a MAN in those!"). I also got a new Waverly dust ruffle for our bed. All that was $6.88 each - a bit steep for me 'cause I prefer yard sale prices. Very good prices compared to retail, though. The Nautica khakis were $1.50 or so. 

I enjoyed sharing my finds. I can't wait for yard sale season to start - hopefully that'll be this weekend! Then we should have some really thrifty finds!

Thanks, Linda, for letting us party at your place!