Friday, September 10, 2010

Good morning Blog world - it's been a long time since I've seen you!

It seems like since the summer started, all I've done is run - there has just been no energy left for blogging. My kids are are at a really fun age right now, and I've tried to make the most of that over the summer.

Playing with friends at the park

Me with my babies the day Logan's Cub Scout pack went to the amusement part

There just hasn't been time for endlessly editing pictures! And to be perfectly honest, there's still not time. School is in full swing, my 7-year-old in playing football and is in Cub Scouts and my daughter goes to school 35 minutes away from home two days a week (though Nana & Grandmaw do help with that some). Our church is growing and I'm now teaching classes twice a week, and I'm trying to help keep the church's clothes closet organized. And I've gotten into couponing, which is both fun and beneficial, but very time-consuming.

And then there's the things that I want to do - I want to start selling on ebay, to teach my four-year-old to read, to clean out the garage & de-junk my house, and I want to get back to blogging . . . anyone know how to get all that accomplished?

 We celebrated our 11th anniversary with a trip to the World's Longest Yardsale! Fun!

These are a few of my favorite finds

In order to make it easier to keep my blog updated, I think I'm going to start putting in more personal content. I don't have time for a project a day to blog about, so I'm just going with real life . . . and pictures that haven't been edited four different ways!

Y'all have a good weekend! Oh, and Roll Tide! =)


  1. Happy to see you back on here. I have to say Go Vols!!! God bless.

  2. I love your design change! Way to go!