Monday, April 12, 2010

Putting last week's thrifty finds to use

After my fabulous haul from the yard sales last week, I was excited about putting some of those finds to use! (My hubby is being very annoying encouraging in this area - he's tired of me piling up his spot in the garage with "junk"!)

Remember this little wreath?

I could not snip off those tired little flowers 
fast enough - and there were tons of them!

And this poor mistreated bottle?

They now have new lives, lives that bring me much joy!

I am absolutely loving these cuttings of native azalea. 
There's lots of them in our woods, and I anxiously 
await them blooming every year. 

I  have been told that my mystery metal 
tabletop is an egg tray from a commercial hatchery.

Doesn't every flat surface need a starfish? 
I found this old Joy of Cooking at a yardsale 
years ago, and the rolling pin belonged to 
my grandmother.

On a different note, I passed 50 followers this weekend!!! I have so much fun with this blog, and it's nice to know that there are people who actually read it. Thanks y'all!


  1. It looks so cute! So summery! Great job!

  2. Girl, I LOVE this vignette. Everything looks great. What is your wreath hanging on?

    I think this whole setting has personality plus.

    Good good job!

  3. You have done a fantastic job! Your yard sale treasures are coming alive. :)

  4. I LOVE your blog!!
    And what a great table vignette... especially the two blue rimmed PYREX bowls!! I collect PYREX and your bowls are hard to find.

  5. Gorgeous vignette and good for you for saving that bottle!

  6. I love that bottle, and what a neat table! Glad you found out what it is! Congratulations on the 50 followers....

  7. Now I love your table even more. You did a great job with decorating that area. Love the wreath.

  8. Great Color - it looks alive!