Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Simple, Summery Door Hanging


Ever since I took down my Christmas wreath, I've been missing having something pretty on the front door. I guess I've just been waiting for some inspiration. Well it finally arrived, in the form of a cheese hoop lid.

I was plundering in my Momma's shed when I found this and a light bulb popped up over my head. It was already missing the ring around the lid - ready to use!

It was tongue-and-grooved together, so we took it apart and put some wood glue in the grooves to keep it together.

Then I transferred my initial onto it. I rubbed chalk on the back of the letter and outlined it with a pen. I expected to use the chalk outline, but it turned out that the pen imprint was more prominent than the chalk (guess I should have picked a darker color!). I just used a Sharpie to trace and fill in my letter.

I kept the accessorizing to a minimum with a little twine and a starfish. For a pop of color, I used bright pink ribbon to hang it, which I just stapled on the back. I also put some globs of hot glue on the back to serve as bumpers.

After I hung it, I decided that it would look better if the ribbon was attached on both sides instead of just in the middle, so I did a little reworking. And here it is!

It's simple and summery - just what I wanted!

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  1. How CUTE this is, and how cute your helper is!
    The hot glue blobs are genius- I think this would work on scratchy items we place on furniture- thanks for the idea!!!
    Better than those felt circles that always fall off.
    I love when inspiration strikes!
    And I love the personalized touch to your home!
    Blessings to you as you make your home today!!

  2. Now that a welcome - great idea

  3. that looks great! i actually painted a cheese box a couple months ago for my mom's birthday and put her birthyear on it. love those cheeseboxes!

  4. Awesome Idea! It looks great on the door.
    sweet pickles and chocolate

  5. I love this. Sometimes simple is just plain better!

    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  6. It came out great! Good idea on your part.

  7. Amanda I love this idea! So very cute, and clever, and creative, love those lightbulb moments! Thanks for popping in:) Have a great night!

  8. It IS so cute and summery! Great job!

  9. It's super! I love how it all came together. great job!
    I have lots of shutter ideas on my blog, if you do a shutter search, or click on it in my label cloud.

  10. Beautiful pictures. Very interesting blog.

    I`m from Finland.